Customer Service

Forrest Summers
HPL Enterprises
McKinney TX
"I am a small business owner that has a metal fabrication shop specializing in strength and conditioning equipment, and tactical entry tools for police and the military. Unfortunately in the last few years, the majority of my day consists of dealing with companies that have zero interest in my business, or talking with someone in India that has zero interest in solving my problem in McKinney, Texas. When I talk with a vendor, I expect that I am going to have to wait on hold, use a menu on the phone that constantly loops back to the beginning, and then talk with someone that doesn't really care if I use their product or not. I always try to be polite, and kind, but it gets old. It is something that I wake up knowing that I am going to have to do. I always stress customer service with my employees, and just ask them to treat everyone with respect, and to patiently answer all their questions, regardless if they purchase one of our products. That has two benefits, the first is that someone had a positive interaction, and the second is that they might come back to our shop when they need something in the future.

In the 14 years I have been in business, I can count on one hand the companies that I use that I can talk with a live person, that is truly an expert in their field. Someone that is willing to answer my questions, problem solve with me, even if I don't buy something from them at that exact moment. Your company is now on that list. We changed from a 350mm cold saw to a 275mm. We initially ordered a blade from your company, and were able to get several thousand cuts before it started to dull. When I was going through some of our shelves, I saw that we had 5-6 350mm cold saw blades left over. I packed one up, wrote a note explaining the material we cut, and sent it off to your company. It took 3 days to get there, it arrived on Friday 6/21/13, and Monday 6/24/13 at 8:07 I received a call from Alvin. He offered to swap my 350mm blade out for a new 275mm blade for the same cost as cutting down my 350. Hey in 14 years of business, I am used to shops saying my core was not usable, and I would have to purchase one of theirs. But the kindness Alvin extended to me greatly impacted my day. Again, it was a kind gesture, from a real person, that was an expert in his field, that wanted to help me solve my problem in a timely fashion.

You run a top notch organization, that has earned my business. We are a small shop, but for all our cold saw needs, we will use your organization. Tell Alvin thank you for me."
Customer Service

Andrew Bradford
Mitybilt Products Inc
Stonewall, MB CD
"Please thank Dave for me -- he must be the best customer service contact I know in North America!! Dave has never failed to help when we have experienced difficulty with our saw. Thanks for all your help Dave."

Charles Yost
Welding Industrial Supply, Inc (Scotchman Dealer)
Chicago Illinois
"To whom it may concern:
You should know, as you probably do, that Andrew in your Tech Sales dept is knowledgeable, courteous, and patient; even at 4:45PM today! Please tell him that his helpfulness is only superseded by his product knowledge! A customer order is on the way, hopefully for a 50514CM and a CPO275.

Regards, Chas Yost, CWE, WISCO, Chicago"

Thomas McCann
McCann's Place
Ocala Florida
"I Just spoke with Dave in customer service. He is very pleasant and very knowledgeable of the product. Helped me with a handful of questions. Regards Tom"
CPO 350 NFPKPD 1225 NF 0956

Ralph Marcantonio
Marcantonio Enterprises, LLC
New Braunfels TX
"My ironworker is set up and performing flawlessly. Thank you for your help in getting this machine to me. Your lease program is a perfect solution to ownership. It [5014TM Ironworker] is being used every day and pays for itself many times over everyday.

The quality of the machine is very impressive. Thanks to all the employees at Scotchman for producing such quality.

If you could let them all see this letter, they will realize their continued cooperation is what produces success for everyone, especially the customer.

Thanks again. And a special thanks to Beth who answers the phone. She is a very gracious woman .


Ralph Marcantonio President TCCA


Jeff Stone
Climo Mfg. LLC
660 885 3258
Clinton MO
"I'm just writing to tell how much of a help Andrew Reckling has been with the troubles Ive had with a used machine I have purchased for my newly formed small business. He has gone above and beyond what I would consider aid to help Jerry Steele and I to get said machine running. You have a great employee in Andrew as well as the technicians who have helped him. Although said machine is not running and still no reason why, Andrew has been a great help in trying to figure the saw out. If my company had the money to purchase a new CPO 315 HFA saw I would not hesitate at all to purchase a Scotchman. "

Terry Nordahl
G&K Machining
763-784-1025 ext 391
East Bethel MN
After a few bumps in the road, Scotchman has been great, the service and support from you guys has been world class! Thank you Terry Nordahl
G&K Machining"
GAA500 DT001 GAA0515

jeff koshollek
faith technologies
neenah WI
"Support has been very good with answering questions,as I was unfamiliar with Metalworker"

Scotchman Industries

Ken Paulus
Bismarck State College, Prof. of Welding Technology
Bismarck ND
"I enjoyed visiting with the people at the Scotchman booth at Sturgis. I want to thank you for the hat and shirt, which I will proudly wear while teaching welding labs. This fall will be the start of my 31st year teaching welding at Bismarck State College. I have spent 30 years teaching college students and building trades apprenticeship welding. This year I will switch from on campus to industry training, using our mobile welding lab. I have used Scotchman equipment since day one, and know that it stands up to the test both in schools and in industry. Thus, I recommend it to everyone. If you would like to see the web pictures of our mobile welding lab go to: http://www.bismarckstate.com/ceti/welding/photos.htm
Thanks again!"

CW-2 Ron McCarty
National Guard Repair Center of West Virginia

Red House WV
"We have two pieces of Scotchman equipment at the CSMS in RED house WV. One Ironworker and a Cold Cut Saw. We are a National Guard repair center for the state of WV which all of the fabrication comes through our shop. We like the heavy, well built quality of Scotchman machines, not like the junk from Taiwan or China. So far no problems with either piece. We just bought a new carbide blade for the saw and are waiting for the HHS blade to wear out first. Keep up that fine US quality!"
Ironworker & Cold Saw

Jack Glenn
Glenncast Inc
Acworth GA
"We salute you as a "Made in America" supplier."

A. C. Abretski

"To Whom it may Concern,
I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for doing a great job sharpening my blades and returning them quickly. Keep up the great work and have a great day. Many thanks."

Productions Unlimited
"Your customer service is the greatest - thanks for your help."
Blade Resharpening

Rich Benson
Sigma Metals, Inc.
"Thanks again for everything over the years. We seriously could not be doing what we do, as well as we do it, as quick as we do it without Scotchman."
Scotchman 12012 Ironworker

Cindy McLeland
Delphi Products Co.
Camden Indiana
"We purchased a used Ironworker from Ebay and it needed some extra parts right from the start. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to get a hold of a real salesperson inside of your company and how the parts were priced. Good Job!!"
Ebay-JG Sales

Gordon Michaud
Waupaca Foundry Inc.
Etowah TN
"Looking forward to using this piece of equipment. We inherited it from one of our other plants. We hope that this will be a cost savings with less scrap and cleaner cuts for fabrication."
6509-24M 7783FF0507

David Rus
Cross Tread Ind. Inc.
Willow Springs IL.
"great product"
Type CPO 315HT/RFA 1094RFA0599

John Tracy
Weldon Spring Mo
"We are fortunate to have 2 winners with Scotchman. Naturally, Scotchman and ALL Employees we deal with there, and our Distributor named Icon Machine. "stuff" can happen in any fabrication shop. If it does NOT happen then you are not pressing the limits of fabrication or design engineering. When there have been issues with the equipment, Scotchman has come thru. Either with an option to modify a unit or stating that we have exceeded the limits of that specific machine. Sometimes even suggesting other mfg. machines. Scotchman is an honest team who "partners" up with their customers.
Gee - they even know what "Old Glory" is. Thank You Team Scotchman."
Various - 90 & 120 Ton Iron workers and 3 CPO 350
Icon Machine

TJ Boteilho
Wenatchee Valley College
Wenatchee WA
"The college has used this machine for years of reliable service within the Welding classes and Metal Fabrication classes, and we were happy when we found out that there was a Safety Video available on DVD for our older machine!"
5014TM 1216K0504

Kyle marsh
Marsh's Scrap Metal Removal
Littleton New hampshire
"I feel Scotchman is a great company and is very honest. I appreciate all the services they offer. Plus, I like doing business with them because i feel it is good equipment that is worth the money."


Rod Brakhage
Wheeldock LLC
Stillwater OK
"I own a small manufacturing company that makes aftermarket motorcycle products including wheel chocks and center stands for Harley Davidson motorcycles. We also fabricate parts for local companies.
I purchased my 5014 CM in 2005 and we have used and abused it every day since placing it in service. The thing is bullet proof and has been one of the best investments I have ever made. Before purchasing I had looked at two other competitors but chose the Scotchman because of the over arm feature. We use the 12" break for quite a few of our formed parts and this machine is very easy to change between punching operations and breaking.
When I have called Scotchman for replacement punches or special tooling I have learned to just ask for Alvin, and he normally get parts shipped that day and at very reasonable prices. Alvin knows all things Scotchman and is great to deal with.
I recently met the President, Jerry Kroetch and several other Scotchman folks at the Sturgis motorcycle rally where they were displaying their products across from where we were selling our products. Everything about Scotchman is about old school value and quality. After getting to meet Jerry, his family and quite a few of his employees, I am extremely proud to have one of his machines in my plant and will own a Scotchman saw when it is time to replace my Hyd-Mech.
Keep up the good work guys, you make buying American the great experience it should always be."
5014 CM 1068K1104

307 689 4235
"I have worked around Scotchman equipment for the past 20 years in different welding shops. I can't say enough good things about your ironworkers. Not a day goes by that I don't find a person visiting my shop and asking questions about my ironworker & I am more than happy to give them a demonstration of the different things the machine is capable of doing. Keep up the good work! No other ironworker on the market comes close to Scotchman!!!"

Andrew Fritsch
Bourbon County High School
Paris KY
"I teach welding in the agriculture department here at Bourbon County High School. The Porta Fab 45 is the best piece of equipment that I have bought in my 8 years of teaching. Since we bought the ironworker, the use of oxygen with the torch has decreased to less than half of what we usually used. I love everything about this machine. It's easy to use, makes precise cuts, is dependable, and most of all it is very safe. My goal in teaching a welding class is to expose students to proper techniques, technology, and tooling within the welding profession. The Scotchman Porta Fab 45 makes my job 100 times easier. I have a lot of students who say,"I wish my dad's shop had one of these!""
Portafab 45 1274PF1103
Modern Machinery


Ron Scouton
Spokane Transit Authority
509-325-6029 xt,6549
"I have seen your ironworker at industrial tool shows and tried to get one for our shop for years. When we finally got one it far surpassed our expectations, we save time, money, and material. The punch attachment has saved us alot of time and money on drill bits, I would recommend this piece of equipment to any shop wanting to make fabrication faster, easier, and safer."
5014-tm 1763K8808
Ox Arc

Eric Frey
Moffat Consolidated School #2
"Working within the public school system often leaves me faced with having to operate on a very small annual budget. Often I have little choice but to purchase import machinery and end up disappointed in the quality. This year, with the assistance of additional grant dollars, I was able to purchase a Scotchman Porta-Fab 45. My students and I have been incredibly impressed with the quality of workmanship, design and instructional material that accompanied the machine. It is refreshing to be able to use machinery of this quality and to speak with knowledgeable, friendly support staff. Thank you for your high standards and excellent quality all around!! We will tell our friends."
Porta-Fab 45 ~ Ser # 1811PF0208
Airgas Intermountain ~ Alamonsa CO

Larry Reed
Reed Lock Mfg.
417 924 2228
"I just wanted to tell you guys how great and dependable your machine has been...owned it since 93...never needed to have it worked on...just grease it every day and keep bolts tight. Thanks for a wonderful machine...Larry Reed "
4014 metric
United Machinery Splfd Mo

Tim Smith
Tim Smith Custom Service
"I bought my Scotchman 50-ton Ironworker used in 2004. I called Scotchman and found out that it is a 1980 model. They faxed me an Owners Manual and Parts List for a 24-year old machine. And yes, they still support it with parts and tooling.

The machine still works like new. I have added a 12" brake since I've had it and use it all the time to fab brackets and anything that needs bending. I even use it for some straightening needs.

I worked on fabrication and repair for 30 years before starting my own business 6 years ago and I think back to all the times an Ironworker would have saved so much time and labor. They do pay for themselves and hold their value very well."
XL 5075 303C2 80

Wally Whelchel
Wally's Refrigeration
" I bought my Scotchman ironworker used in 1999. My company does commercial refrigeration service and installation work, ranging in size from small convenience stores to large grocery stores and ice plants. My machine is a 40-ton, 230 volt, single phase model. This makes the machine very portable to take to the jobsites. At the jobsite, instead of making all of our brackets and hangers out of Unistrut or B-line metal, and using a messy, noisy cut off saw, we just shear and hole punch stock angle iron, and if necessary use our mig welder to field fabricate parts. By doing so, we save money and our installations are customized for each customer. The ability to custom build brackets, hangers, etc., brings to the jobsie a higher standard of workmanship that our customers have noticed and appreciate."
4014CM Ironworker ~ S/N 498am492

adalberto palma marquez
(01229) 9316231
"(English translation below)
Somos segundos propietarios de este MARAVILLOSO equipo que GRACIAS A DIOS llego a nuestro negocio porque no ah resuelto muchos asuntos de produccion, nuestro catalogo es muy variado lo pueden ver enFacebook junior protectocasa o nuestra paqina no actualizada www.juniortoboganes@.com ATENTA y RESPETUOSAMENTE Adalberto Palma Marquez GRACIAS SCOTCHMAN sigan produciendo CALIDAD y VERATILIDA

(Spanish Translation above)
We are the second owners of this WONDERFUL equipment that THANKS GOD it came to our shop and has resolved many production issues of our product catalog, our catalog is very diversified as you can see it on Facebook junior protectocasa or in our web page: www.juniortoboganes.com RESPECTFULLY Adalberto Palma Marquez THANKS SCOTCHMAN, continue making QUALITY and VERSATILITY.
mod 9012 serie 20636M891
Primer dueño Ing (First owner of this equipment) Edmundo Morales Aguilar -

Stephen Anderton
Exarc Welding Inc
Lehi UT
"I have owned a FI85 for 18 years, love it!"

Brian Johnson
Sabre Industries
Bossier City LA
"Recently traded a GEKA ironworker for a new Scotchman D070-24M and couldn't be happier. The machine runs great, is smooth, and has increased my production greatly. My operators love the ease of use and the ability to use both ends of the machine independently. Thanks SI"
DO70-24M 1476M0713
Texas Southwest Machinery

Donnie Harkins
Mike Gibson Mfg
Caldwell Idaho
"I love my Scotchman ironworker. We rely on it on a daily basis and it keeps our production moving!!"

307 689 4235
"I have been a self employed welder for 30 years. I was first introduced to Scotchman Ironworkers in the mid 80's by a gentleman named HANK HOAG. I had to have one right away, I used it daily until I wore it out and bought a 120 ton in 1998. What a GREAT machine! "
120 ton

Ray Pierce
Ray Pierce Industrial Service, LLC.
Beech Bluff TN.
"I own two Scotchman Iron-workers. My first was a 40-ton, this one is a 50-ton. It is my opinion that Scotchman manufacturers the best machine on the market. It is dependable, user-friendly, and low-maintenance. With all the attachments available, this machine adds versatility, convenience & simplicity to my shop. I just can't say enough good things about Scotchman equipment. We have used the 40-ton in our industrial business for about 15 years. As our company grew, we needed an additional machine to help us complete some of our large, short-notice jobs on time. That's the reason we bought the 50-ton unit (with a few more options on it). I would recommend Scotchman equipment to any business, large or small. "
50514-CN 2195K0410

Ivak Cooper
Caldwell School Dist. 132
2084553304 ex2303
Caldwell ID
"I started teaching here 18 years ago and this shear was here when I started. We have sheared thousands of coupons for practice, and the machine is phenomenal! We have replaced the wear pads only once, and flipped the blades several times and it handles the use of students 13-18 years old.
I recently acquired a 6509 (sn# 4705M493) shear for myself personally and it needs some TLC. It sat out in a yard in the weather for several years. I am working on getting it running and looking good again. "

Cold Saws

Dexil Rold
Rold's Machining
Spokane WA
"I purchased this saw for one job I do routinely. These are small stainless steel parts done 8,000 at a time.
They are 1/8" x 3/8" x 1" with two countersunk holes in each part. They have to be plus or minus .005 in length. It used to take me about 20 hours to saw them. I make them in strips of 24 inches.
I have altered your saw jaws so I can stack eight lengths at a time threaded on their holes and saw them while I am doing another operation on them, so now I have no sawing time in them at all, and they all turn out within tolerance.
I do prefer American made products, but it is almost impossible to find things American made any more."

Joe Oberholtzer
T. Lane Muffler LLC
Port Royal PA
"Ten years ago I purchased a used scotchman cold saw when I was starting my business and it performed excellent for it's age. Recently I decided to upgrade and purchased two new cold saws from Scotchman and we've already paid them off. I joke with my employees about other brands and they threaten to quit on me:) Way to go Scotchman!"
Action Machinery

Jason Willberg

Temple TX
"We bought a 350 cold saw and it works great. Smooth, clean cut everytime."
CPO 350 LT Cold Saw

Greg Madison
Greg Madison Welding, Inc
Louisa VA
"Having purchased my first cold saw manufactured by Scotchman, things have been extremely better in my shop. The bevel cutting accuracy and cutting productivity have greatly increased. Two reasons for the purchase of the Scotchman machine over the like machines can be summed up as follows. Number one: our local dealer worked 100% to provide a better machine at a comparable price. During these tough economic times, this was a big plus. Number two: this machine is manufactured in the USA! This was a double plus."
CPO 350 VS
Arcet Equipment

Accurate Metal Stamping
Fort Worth TX
"We unexpectedly received a hot job that required a cold saw. Scotchman's factory rep, Mike Tarrant, & Brad Peden of ArcMaster Supply were able to have my Scotchman cold saw set-up and running the very next morning after ordering! We were able to get a job we may not have otherwise. Thanks Scotchman."
CPO 350 LT
ArcMaster Supply, Inc

Make Studios
"After seeing the demo on the truck, we were sold. Having the variable speed and auto-feed has really helped our production. Great machine - great service."

Fabian Parejas
The Forger of New York
"We purchased a Scotchman CPO 350 LT Cold Saw and a Scotchman 6509-24M Ironworker one year ago. These machines have been one of my best investments. Our busines has grown in size and volume, necessitating moving to larger facilities. We plan to purchase another ironworker, the Scotchman DO 120, and an additional cold saw in the very near future. Scotchman has allowed us to more than double our production."
6509-24M Ironworker & CPO 350 LT Cold Saw

Keith McCracken
Mid-State Sales, Inc.
Columbus Ohio
"We have had our 315 with the bundle cut dies(cut multiple tubes at once) now for 9 years. It is an excellent machine. We have had to replace only a few minor wear items on it throughout the years and down time has been basically non existent. We were so impressed with the machine and customer service from Scotchman that when one of our manual saws went down we replaced it with the 350 earlier this year. I have and would highly recommend Scotchman to anyone needing a quality saw. Thanks to all at Scotchman."

Kurt Nelson
Manitou Mfg Co.
"I started in a small family owned shop in early 1982. They had a cold saw and a shear made by your company. As time went by This company expanded many fold.
Now know as Smarte Carte. Those machines
were in use almost 24-7. Three shifts at times.

Nice to know these are Made in the USA.
Hoping to purchase a saw soon.

Kurt Nelson
Manitou Mfg Co.
White Bear Lake MN
"We recently bought a saw from your company. We are sure glad we bought your American made saw. Today we cut up more material than we could have ever imagined (even with a temporary helper-I am sure it was his first time running a saw!) Thanks again for making America look good. We still can make the best stuff out in the world!"
CPO 350 NF
Gladwin Machinery

"LOVE this saw. So happy we made the purchase. "
350LT/PK/PD B105920516

Band Saws

Kenny Hall
Exsol Labs LLC
"We were going through 2 blades a day with our other band saw cutting stainless catalytic converter housings. We purchased a 2013-V5 Scotchman upon a recommendation from our dealer in Atlanta. The difference in the speed and efficiency of the cutting cannot be compared to our old saw. It has improved our output tremendously. We could not be happier with our Scotchman."
2013-V5 555-04100084
Wm. J. Redmond & Son, Inc., Newnan, GA

CW3 Mark G. Davis
US Army

"I just got my band saw that I ordered from you guys. First off, I just have to say that it is everything I expected from Scotchman. That thing is awesome! I just wish I had gotten the nesting fixture with it. I just didn't think about it at the time."
Scotchman SH-1419 Band Saw

Tube & Pipe Grinder/Notcher

Mike Jackson
Mike Jack co
Jamaica New York
"Very innovative and time saving!"


Brian's Truck & Tractor Svc.
"Your web page was very helpful. I walked right to the info I needed. Your website was very very user friendly. One of the best. Thank you. "
4014c 7080FF697



3 Year WarrantyAll of our products are designed to increase production, accuracy, and efficiency for our customers. We offer in-house financing and a best-in-the-business warranty on Ironworkers, Cold Saws, Band Saws and Tube & Pipe Notchers.

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