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Scotchman Industries' CPO 315 Hitch Feed Automatic Cold Saw is a fully automatic circular cold saw that provides uninterruped cutting on tubing or solids and supplies the highest quality of cuts.  This machine is ideal for high volume and short length applications that require very accurate and clean cuts.  The CPO 315 HFA has a length tolerance of +or- .006" on up to 3-1/2" diameter tube or pipe, up to 1-3/4" solid material and squareness tolerance of +or- .002" per diameter inch.  This machine uses a 12-1/2" blade and has the ability to cut pieces as short as 1/8" and as long as 90".  This Hitch Feed saw uses a 30" index that can be run a maximum of three times.  Optional form jaws can be used to feed multiple pieces of smaller diameter material for hourly piece counts in the hundreds, drastically reducing labor costs.

The CPO 315 HFA is a dependable, American-made machine with a variable speed feature, which allows operators the ability to join the feeds and speeds to the job for faster cutting times and longer blade life.  The CPO 315 HFA Saws are available in ferrous and non-ferrous models and is backed by Scotchman Industries' Best-in-the-Business, 2-year warranty.

Fully Automatic Cycle
Push Button Controls Actuate the Complete Cycle
5 H.P. Variable RPM Speed Control (Ferrous Model)
5 H.P. - 3,000 RPM (Non-Ferrous Model)
Interlocking Safety Hood
Clamping Both Sides of Blade - Highest Quality, Burr-Free Cuts
Blade Guides for Accurate Tolerances (Ferrous Model)
Mist Coolant
Adjustable Stroke Control on the Saw Head
Adjustable Down Feed Control on the Saw Head for Feed Rate
Piece Counter
Length Scale in Both Inches and Metric
Quick and Easy Fine Adjustment of Length Setting
One Saw Blade
One Gallon Concentrated Coolant (Ferrous Model)
One Gallon Coolant (Non-ferrous Model)
Warranty: Two Years on Parts
Made in USA
Cutting Speeds
Based on Mild Steel

Variable Speed
11 to 177 rpm
3,000 rpm
Cutting Capacities
Based on Mild Steel
Round Tube
Square Tube

Round Solid
Square Solid

(NF Saw)
Up to 3-1/2" ( ≤ 89 mm)
Up to 3-1/8" x 3-1/8" ( ≤ 79 mm)

Up to 1-3/4" ( ≤ 44.5 mm)
Up to 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" ( ≤ 37 x 37 mm)
Up to 3-1/2" ( ≤ 89 mm)
Length Tolerance + or - 0.006" per index
Squareness Tolerance + or - 0.002" per diameter inch
Minimum Cut Length 1/8"
Maximum Cut Length Single Index 30"
Double Index 60"
Triple Index 90"
Motor HP Ferrous Models 5 hp
Motor HP Non-Ferrous Models 5 hp
Power Supply 208/230/460
3 Ph
(must specify voltage)
Air Pressure 90 lbs. Minimum
Maximum Saw Blade Diameter 12-1/2" 315 mm
Arbor Bore Size 40 mm
Pin Spacing 4/12/64
Dimensions L-100" x W-44" x H-64"
Shipping Weight 1,770 lbs. (802 kg)
10' & 20' Material Supply Track
Digital Read-out for Quick Easy Length Setting
Mist Coolant
Form Jaws for Multiple Tubes
Flood Coolant

usa iconProud American Manufacturer
Est. 1967



3 Year WarrantyAll of our products are designed to increase production, accuracy, and efficiency for our customers. We offer in-house financing and a best-in-the-business warranty on Ironworkers, Cold Saws, Band Saws and Tube & Pipe Notchers.

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