Non-Ferrous Upcut Saws

Scotchman Upcut Circular Cold Saws offer large capacity cutting for non-ferrous materials.

Scotchman's SUP-500 NF is designed so the large diameter 20" saw blade feeds up from the bottom.  This design allows the machine to cut up to a 7" diameter round and up to a 11.75" x 5" rectangle. If you are in the market for a larger saw, the SUP-600 NF has a 24" saw blade and cuts up to a 9" diameter and a 15" x 6" rectangle. This upcut saw coupled with our AngleMaster creates a semi-automatic programmable saw system that automatically rotates to any cut angle, pushes material into the saw & automatically rotates to the next desired angle.

Scotchman's GAA-500-90, automatic upcut circular cold saw, is designed for non-ferrous cutting with a shuttle feed design for straight 90 degree cuts on large diameter profiles.  This machine cuts up to a 6" diameter and up to a 10" x 3" rectangle. By adding a DT20 (Drill/Tap 20mm) option to our GAA saw, you now have a true production saw! This DT option gives the saw the ability to drill and tap holes up to 20mm, with a single spindle drill, or by adding a multi-spindle drill, add multiple holes at one time.


3 Year WarrantyAll of our products are designed to increase production, accuracy, and efficiency for our customers. We offer in-house financing and a best-in-the-business warranty on Ironworkers, Cold Saws, Band Saws and Tube & Pipe Notchers.

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