Efficiency versus Effectiveness

February 20, 2012

Efficiency versus Effectiveness

When time is money every second counts.  In an unstable economy where businesses are cutting hours and head-count to keep their businesses afloat, efficiency matters – or is it effectiveness?

Often companies cut the labor force in an effort to slim down their overhead and improve efficiency. But what several experts in the industry have found is that the emphasis is on the wrong thing. The focus should be on effectiveness versus efficiency.  By reorganizing processes and implementing tools that save time they found their employees were able to produce more in an hour than they had before therefore making the hour more profitable. In other words the real measurement of “efficiency” is how quickly you can make a good quality product and deliver it on time at a profit.


Implementing Advanced Measuring Systems (AMS), like those offered by Scotchman Industries, save time, reduce scrap and eliminate costly mistakes.  The American-made measuring systems are available in manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic versions to maximize your company’s productivity in a way that works best for you.  Guaranteed to simplify the job, Scotchman’s patented AMS can be permanently mounted at the work station and is compatible with nearly any piece of metal fabrication or woodworking equipment.


Scotchman’s programmable stop systems and programmable feed systems are also designed to increase production and eliminate operator error.  Both systems can be programmed with a series of quantities and cut lengths for faster operation, eliminating the need for a tape measure to set length stops. These programmable systems help increase productivity by decreasing set-up time, reducing operator error and eliminating waste.   The programmable stop system is our semi-automatic version but the programmable feed system takes it a step farther turning your machine into a fully-automatic system which automatically moves the material into position, clamps the material, and cycles the machine.


“Improving workstation organization and implementing time-saving, equipment that also improves accuracy gets people excited about their space and their job,” said Scotchman owner, Jerry Kroetch.


Getting lean doesn’t have to mean cutting people.  Identifying where a manual process can be replaced by valuable investment in equipment can increase the effectiveness of a given hour with higher output, i.e. the faster you can make raw materials into quality product the more money you can make.



3 Year WarrantyAll of our products are designed to increase production, accuracy, and efficiency for our customers. We offer in-house financing and a best-in-the-business warranty on Ironworkers, Cold Saws, Band Saws and Tube & Pipe Notchers.

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