Scotchman Industries: New Hydraulic System Improves Ironworker Efficiencies

December 12, 2012


Scotchman Industries has announced recent improvements to three models of ironworkers. According to the company, the new hydraulic system that is being installed in several of the Scotchman Dual Operator ironworkers has increased the machine’s cycle time by over 40%.

The hydraulic system for these machines is designed to assure full hydraulic pressure and speed to both operators, meaning one worker can be operating the punching station while another worker runs a different tooling station without delay.

“Our goal is to provide the best machinery for our customers and help them find profitable solutions for their shop needs,” said Scotchman owner Jerry Kroetch. “We had concerns that our dual operator machines were simply not fast enough. Our old hydraulic system pumped 6.42 gallons per minute; now, our new pumps have increased to 9.06 GPM.”

Scotchman’s Dual Operator 120 ton, 135 ton and 150 ton machines have all received the improved hydraulic system and are now reportedly capable of achieving a 41% increase in cycle time. Cycle time is measured from the moment the foot pedal is pressed to start making a punch until the punch is Complete and the machine returns to its resting state.

“Dual Operator Ironworkers are generally more expensive and may require more floor space than single operator units, but the price difference is quickly diminished with the higher productivity achieved,” said a company spokesperson. “Since more than one worker can be operating multiple stations at the same time, both production capacity and efficiency can increase simultaneously.”

Each machine features a versatile tool table design with standard punch, angle shear, flat bar shear and notcher. Scotchman Industries has a variety of accessories available including custom made tooling and punches and dies.

For more information contact:
Jerry Kroetch, President
Scotchman Industries, Inc.
P.O. Box 850
Philip, SD 57567



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