Albrecht Celebrates 25 Years at Scotchman!

October 18, 2019

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Mike Albrecht started his career at Scotchman Industries 25 years ago (October 17, 1994) as an outside salesman.  Although Mike worked many trade shows, his main function was to put together Scotchman’s first demo truck and drive, every other week, somewhere in the United States to work with Scotchman’s factory reps, visit dealers and demonstrate products to end users.  

Mike’s previous employment history included custom combining, building construction and carpentry, as well as golf course groundskeeper.  This history may not be what most people would think ideal for a fabrication machinery salesman, but it served Mike well. He is a very hands-on type of guy.  He understands both the mechanical and technical workings of Scotchman’s products, as well as end user applications.

In 1994, Scotchman had only two product lines – ironworkers and cold saws.  Mike focused on the cold saw line and saw the need for automation. In the fall of 2006, the Company expanded their product lines to include programmable stop and feed systems.  In 2013, Scotchman expanded their product lines again to include a utility band saw and non-ferrous up-cut saws imported from Spain. Mike was the driving force behind bringing these products into the business.  He was very instrumental in updating the technology of Scotchman’s HFA and RFA cold saws to a CNC touch screen. Mike latest automation push was to build an autoloading sawing system, which joined Scotchman’s product line just over a year ago in September 2018 

Mike decides which trade shows Scotchman will attend, sets up the booth and works many of them.  Within the last couple of years, he has looked outside the US – traveling to India and Dubai to open new markets.

Through the years, Mike has held various titles within the Company– outside salesman, product specialist, & cold saw product manager.  In 2009, his title changed to National Sales Manager – which it remains today.  

When asked about his time at Scotchman, Mike says “I have gained a ton of experience traveling the country for Scotchman.  I have flown into and through 97 airports to date. I have logged more hotel nights than I care to remember. To those that do not travel much, seeing sights across the world are nice, but hours sitting in a hotel room or in airports trying to catch a flight home are not as glamorous as you might think.  

I would like to thank Jerry Kroetch for giving me the opportunity to be part of a sales organization that is known worldwide in the metal fabrication sector.  I do not know many companies who would allow someone to be their Sales Manager only holding a high school diploma. In my early years of life, I was changing jobs so frequently that I was going to end up with a two-page obituary.  I can proudly say Scotchman changed that.”

Jerry Kroetch, President of Scotchman says “Mike is a busy guy around here.  He not only oversees our customer service dept. and our 18 factory reps nationwide, but also answers many, many phone calls a day- from making a sales deal, to trouble shooting, to helping with a customer’s application.  Thank you, Mike, for your dedication. Your hard work does not go unnoticed and we appreciate what you have done to make Scotchman what it is today. We’re lucky to have you and look forward to many more years of having you on our team!” 



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