Scotchman Industries, metal fabrication equipment manufacturer, offers special discount to educational institutions

July 6, 2011

Scotchman Industries, metal fabrication equipment manufacturer, offers special discount to educational institutions


July 6, 2011—Phillip, S.D.—

Scotchman Industries, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of metal fabrication equipment, knows the value of welding education classes.  Over the years, several of their customers have been schools who’ve purchased machines for welding and shop classes.  But for owner Jerry Kroetch, it’s not about making a sale—it’s about supporting an industry.


Welding and metal fabrication are vital to our nation’s industrial and economic growth.  Machines like Scotchman Ironworkers and ShearMasters cut, bend, and shear various-sized pieces of steel which are generally welded to form components for engineering and construction projects. 


Metalworkers can create intricate pieces for equipment assembly or large, structural frameworks.  Students who train for a welding career may one day join an industry which produces metal structures ranging from automobiles, railways, skyscrapers, bridges, highways, pipelines, wind turbines, and even solar panels. 


Professional metal fabricators and welders need both technical training and hands-on experience.  High schools, vocational schools, and post-secondary institutions equipped with top-of-the-line machinery experience both high enrollment and high course success rates.


Andrew Fritsch, Bourbon County High School Instructor, from Paris, Kentucky recently purchased a Porta Fab 45 Ironworker from Scotchman on behalf of the school. “I teach welding in the agriculture department and this is the best piece of equipment I’ve worked with in my eight years of teaching,” remarked Fritsch.


For Fritsch, the safety and dependability of the machine are crucial factors: “My goal in teaching a welding class,” he continued, “is to expose students to proper techniques, technology, and tooling within the welding profession.”


Scotchman has been receiving praise for years from schools and teachers impressed by the ease-of-use and high quality of their machines.


“Working within the public school system often leaves me faced with having to operate on a very small annual budget,” explained teacher Eric Frey.  “This year, with the assistance of additional grant dollars, I was able to purchase a Scotchman Porta Fab 45.  My students and I have been incredibly impressed with the quality of workmanship, design and instructional material that accompanied the machine.”


Understanding the importance of investing in the right machine, Kroetch now offers a discount for schools who are interested in purchasing a Scotchman machine.  The special purchase plan is available to qualified buyers through participating Scotchman dealers nationwide.


“We work with schools all across the U.S.,” said Kroetch, “and we are continually developing advanced features and new equipment to stay current with expanding industry trends.  Our hope is that students who receive training using one of our machines will continue to want to do business with us in their future careers.”


Scotchman’s product development, which began back in 1983, has now expanded to a full line of Ironworkers, Band Saws, Cold Saws, a high-production Flat Bar Shear, Advanced Measuring Systems, and a new line of programmable feed and programmable stop systems.


For more information about Scotchman products, warranty and leasing options, or if your school is interested in learning more about the special Education Discount, please visit their website at or call 800-843-8844.


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