Goodbye to tape and pencil marks - Scotchman's Measuring Systems make spacing stops quick and easy

October 26, 2011

Goodbye to tape and pencil marks—Scotchman’s Measuring Systems make spacing stops quick and easy


October 26, 2011—Philip, S.D.—Woodworkers and metal fabricators can all agree—measuring and marking each spacing stop by hand on your materials can be a burden and limit productivity.  Advanced Measuring Systems are designed to reduce set-up time, eliminate scrap, and increase production. 


Scotchman Industries, a leading producer of metal fabricating solutions, has a complete line of American-made measuring systems that are designed for the wood industry but built tough enough for the metal industry.  The systems vary from manual to fully automatic, but they are all guaranteed to make any job easier.


Scotchman offers two manual versions of the patented Advanced Measuring System (AMS): Mulit-Loc and Quick-Loc.  These simple devices can be attached to nearly any piece of equipment including ironworkers, woodworking saws, presses, cut-off saws, radial arm saws, and cold saws, and they are ideal for applications such as punching, shearing, or drilling.


To operate the AMS, simply move the stop to the desired setting and the gauge will align itself.  Once set, the teeth are guaranteed not to slip or move, ensuring accuracy each time.  The same dimension can be repeated multiple times, even on different days. 


“Another great feature with the Advanced Measuring Systems,” explains Scotchman owner Jerry Kroetch, “is that they can be permanently mounted at your work station or installed on a portable work table for use in the field.”


Both the Quick-Loc and Multi-Loc are available in left-hand or right-hand models. Scotchman Industries also offers a variety of AMS accessories such as a miter attachment and a release adapter, further enhancing the versatility of these systems.


In addition to the manual versions, Scotchman offers automatic and semi-automatic measuring systems.  The Programmable Stop System allows you to enter measurements on the keypad, either in feet, inches, fractions, decimals, or metric and press go.  The Programmable Stop can hold ten lists with up to ten moves each.


The Scotchman Advanced Feed System allows you to turn a semi-automatic machine into a fully-automatic production machine by automatically moving the material to position, clamping the material, and cycling the machine.  The programmable controller can store up to 99 programs.


To learn more about measuring systems, visit or call 1-800-843-8844. 


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