Machine shops and manufacturers are increasing productivity with a Scotchman metal shear

December 9, 2011

Machine shops and manufacturers are increasing productivity with a Scotchman metal shear


December 09, 2011—Philip, S.D.—

Before the days of computerized equipment, sheet metal workers needed to rely on measuring devices like tapes and rulers as well as their own calculations for each job.  Precision was paramount and errors were costly. 


Now, with the advanced programming options available on computerized equipment, sheet metal workers can mass-produce parts at greater efficiency than traditional methods. 


Productivity-increasing machines like the Scotchman ShearMaster 610 are ideal for manufacturing and construction industries that produce heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning duct systems, siding, rain gutters, downspouts, skylights, restaurant equipment, outdoor signs, tailgates, and other metal products.


The Scotchman ShearMaster has a 24” flat bar shear with 4-way reversible blades and large shearing capacity; it is suited for shearing 1- by 12-inch base plate and up to ½- by 24-inch flat stock. The machine’s 10 horsepower motor generates fast cycle times and the shear can achieve up to 30 half strokes per minute. 


“We’ve delivered ShearMasters all across the United States for Navy machine shops, highway department metal shops, and other government or military workshops,” explains Scotchman owner Jerry Kroetch. 


Like all Scotchman Industries’ products, the ShearMaster 610 is 100% American made.  Standard features include an electric stroke-control setting to reduce the travel of the upper blade, automatic hydraulic hold-down, and an electric back gauge for automatic cycle.


The metal shear is designed to couple with Scotchman’s Advanced Feed System, which allows the user to store up to 99 different programs in the controller.  The system automatically moves the material to position and cycles the machine.


The expert staff at Scotchman Industries can help you determine if the ShearMaster is the right machine for your needs as well as offer tips and advice for maintaining your equipment.  Contact a Scotchman representative today to learn more about metal shearing.


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