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Hydraulic Press

Smooth & precise, heavy-duty and versatile; These presses are industrial-grade and ideal for assembly, straightening, fabrication, quality control, maintenance, product testing, bending, & forming.
They're simple to use and solve a variety of demands to improve user’s productivity. The open side frame design allows for material to pass through and provides flexibility to work on the longest work pieces. Built for the big jobs as well as the small ones; the adjustable H-frame bed height offers increased versatility with its ability to raise and lower the table for the best working distance possible.
 Heavy-Duty All Steel Construction & Industrial Grade Hydraulic System
 Adjustable Table Height & open side frame design
 Ram moves laterally for added versatility & accepts a wide variety of tooling
 3 ram speeds and 15" of vertical ram travel
 Easy joystick operation w/pressure gauge to monitor force for precision pressing
 3 Year Warranty
 Meet all European CE Standards
 Manufactured in the Netherlands

Available in 66, 110, and 176-ton capacities, with wide frame and movable table models; a Scotchman® shop press is versatile, built to last and will handle all the force you can throw at it.

- PressPro 66
- PressPro 110
- PressPro 110W (wide frame)
- PressPro 176
- PressPro 176MT (Movable Table)

CPO 350 AUTO LOADER Sawing System

September, 2018 – Scotchman Ind. announces a NEW auto loading circular cold saw to their existing lineup of metal sawing solutions.

We’ve taken our semi-automatic CPO 350 PKPD saw and added an auto loading system creating a fully automatically sawing system which can cut multiple lengths of tube (max 3” dia.). This saw comes standard with a Windows® based touch screen control, 5hp variable rpm speed motor, 315mm diameter blade, and the ability to run unlimited cut lists from 1/2” to 23’ lengths.

Quick set-up, automatic part length change, and fast reloading of material adds efficiency; plus, accurate cut lengths and is always within +/- 0.002 per dia. inch in squareness. Proudly Made in the USA.

RG Digital Quick Stop

The RG Digital Quick Stop is an entry level programmable stop. It is priced right, yet very durable. Setup is as easy as entering the desired cut length and pressing go. It can be mounted to move left to right OR right to left. Available in 8' and 12' lengths.

Weld Coupon Bender

Check out Scotchman’s Weld Coupon Bend Tester.

Schools with welding programs will now be able to easily put students’ welds to the ultimate test. Our Weld Coupon Bender will provide the assessment that every teacher dreams of in ONE accessory tool. If a weld is faulty or weak the student will be able to see where the mistakes have been made firsthand, giving them the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and become better all-around welders.

The Weld Coupon Bender is in-stock now and comes with two upper dies: a “V” die and a “U” die.

Our Weld Coupon Bender has been designed to fit all Ironworker models, OLD & NEW!!

Get the 411 on our Weld Testing Tool

GAA-500-90 DT20 (Drill/Tap 20mm)

NOW, our newest automatic upcut saw has the ability to Drill & Tap!

Scotchman Industries is proud to introduce a NEW Drill Tap option for our GAA-500 90, Automatic Upcut Circular Cold Saw. This saw is the newest addition to our non-ferrous saw line and has even more features and possibilities than ever before! The GAA-500 90 is a large capacity upcut automatic saw for cutting non-ferrous materials at 90° up to 6" square and round. The saw uses a shuttle feed design with an adjustable vertical and horizontal clamp system to fit almost any profile. Standard features include a 7.5 hp motor that delivers a cutting speed of 3,000 rpm, pneumatic mist coolant system, and a base designed with 2 chip extraction ports. The rotary dial allows for fast and easy length adjustments and part lengths are easily held to the length tolerance of +/- .006" per index.

By adding the DT-20 (Drill/Tap 20mm) option to the GAA saw, you now have a true production saw! The DT option gives the saw the ability to drill and tap holes up to 20mm, with a single spindle drill, or by adding a multi-spindle drill, add multiple holes at one time. Make thousands of clips fast with Scotchman's GAA-500-90 DT20. Add a CNC option, along with the DT option, and you can position a hole or set of holes on a single axis on your piece, then cut to length. The GAA-500-90 is available in 230 volt and 460 volt configurations and is backed by Scotchman Industries� Best-in-the-Business, 2-year warranty.


The NEW Scotchman AngleMaster turns our SUP 600 upcut cold saw into a complete sawing system!

A precision mitering upcut saw coupled with the AngleMaster creates a semi-automatic programmable saw system that automatically rotates to any cut angle, pushes material into the saw & automatically rotates to the next desired angle. (It gives you a completely finished part!) Plus, you can store cut lists on its 17" touch screen control.

This machine is great for the end user who makes miter cuts on back to back parts. A MUST SEE for the aluminum extrusion market!



3 Year WarrantyAll of our products are designed to increase production, accuracy, and efficiency for our customers. We offer in-house financing and a best-in-the-business warranty on Ironworkers, Cold Saws, Band Saws and Tube & Pipe Notchers.

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