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Wade Schofield Celebrates 35 Years at Scotchman!!
November 26, 2019
We're celebrating Wade Schofield's 35th work anniversary at Scotchman. Wade is brilliant and one of those guys who can fix anything – from a simple mechanical issue to complex electronic problems… even those head scratching computer issues we all dread. Wade is not only our in-house computer wizard; he is also very active in trouble shooting electronic issues for our customer service department. Wade is very easy going and will tackle any electronic/computer issue we throw at him, large or small.
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Gerry Rislov Celebrates 35 Years at Scotchman!
November 18, 2019
Gerry Rislov celebrates 35 Years with Scotchman Industries! Gerry is the VP of Operations and a very important part of Scotchman's senior management team. His vast knowledge of the business and attention to detail helps keep the business running smoothly. Gerry is the perfect man for his role in our company and we are lucky and thankful to have him on our team.
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Albrecht Celebrates 25 Years at Scotchman!
October 18, 2019
Mike Albrecht started his career at Scotchman Industries 25 years ago (October 17, 1994) as an outside salesman. Through the years, Mike has held various titles within the Company– outside salesman, product specialist, & cold saw product manager. In 2009, his title changed to National Sales Manager – which it remains today. He not only oversees our customer service department and our 18 factory reps nationwide, but also answers many phone calls a day - always taking care of business. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. We are lucky to have you and look forward too many more years of having you on our team!
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Scotchman adds RazorGage system to 50-ton ironworkers - Trailer Body Builders Magazine
August 28, 2019
Scotchman adds RazorGage system to 50-ton ironworkers. Take your ironworker to the next level by coupling it with our digital length positioning system. Together, with RazorGage technology, we have turned our ironworker into a production machine. Made in USA!
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Scotchman Industries Live-Demos Of Automated To Manual Ironworkers, Saws, Pipe Nothcher/Grinders At FABTECH Expo 2019
August 22, 2019
Scotchman Industries Live-Demos Of Automated To Manual Ironworkers, Saws, Pipe Nothcher-Grinders. SEE Scotchman Industries at:Fabtech 2019 | Booths A3732 & A3532. Featured in Industrial Machinery Digest.
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New Product: Scotchman CPO 350 Auto Loader Sawing System
September 10, 2018
Scotchman Industries proudly announces a NEW auto loading circular cold saw to their existing lineup of metal sawing solutions. The new CPO 350 Auto Loader from Scotchman is a fully automatic sawing system guaranteed to save time, reduce scrap and eliminate costly mistakes. Run a complete cut list or run of cut lists at 90 degrees on an automatic cycle or switch to operate the saw in a semi-automatic cycle to miter cut.
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Increase ROI with a SCOTCHMAN Saw and Digital Measuring System
April 15, 2018
Scotchman’s RG Digital Quick-Stop, coupled with a Scotchman CPO 350 cold saw turns your manual machine into a part cutting workhorse with repeatable accuracy. The saw and programmable measuring system are both American Made and work together seamlessly to increase production while reducing scrap and operator error in your shop.
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Benefits of Adding Automation to your Sawing Operations
December 12, 2017
Automation will maximize fabricating efficiency and reduce operating costs. Today's technology offers countless opportunities to maximize efficiency within your business operations, and therefore, save you time. And time is money, right? It will increase production, decrease setup time, reduce operator error & fatigue, and eliminate excessive scrap. Value added automation in your Metal Fabricating process is vital to keeping your small to mid-sized business competitive.
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Scotchman 50th Anniversary of American Manufacturing | Announcing 50-ton Ironworker Giveaway
May 19, 2017
Although five decades have passed since Arthur A. Kroetch founded the company, Scotchman has remained committed to building high-quality dependable products, providing first-class customer service and believing in the strength of American manufacturing. We pledge to provide the same best-in-class quality and service that we've been providing since the beginning. On this golden anniversary, Scotchman Industries is announcing its 50-ton giveaway!
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Scotchman Industries New and Improved SU-280 G Band Saw | Utility Band Saw
May 2, 2017
Scotchman's Utility Band Saw features a metered feed rate allowing for quick and effortless cuts without operator assistance!
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Scotchman Industries Introduces the SUP-600 NF Circular Cold Saw
August 1, 2014
Scotchman Industries is pleased to announce the addition of the SUP-600 NF to their existing lineup of circular cold saws.
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Scotchman Industries Introduces the GAA-500 90 Automatic Upcut Circular Cold Saw
July 15, 2014
Scotchman Industries is proud to introduce the GAA-500 90, Automatic Upcut Circular Cold Saw, the newest addition to our non-ferrous saw line.
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Scotchman Introduces New CPO 315 HFA-CNC Fully Automatic Hitch Feed Saw
July 1, 2014
Scotchman Industries has taken our Hitch Feed Automatic saw to a new level! This new CPO 315 HFA-CNC saw is fully programmable so every cut length is fast and accurate. It uses a 30" linear actuator, driven by a servo motor.
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Scotchman Industries features CPO 350 LT Circular Cold Saw at SEMA
October 22, 2013
Scotchman Industries is pleased to feature the American-made CPO 350 Circular Cold Saw at SEMA.
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Scotchman Industries Exhibits at FABTECH 2013
October 13, 2013
Scotchman Industries is excited to present their Metal Fabricating Solutions at FABTECH 2013.
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Scotchman Industries Announces the SUP-500NF Upcut Cold Saw
July 5, 2013
Scotchman Industries has announced the addition of the SUP-500NF to their existing lineup of circular cold saws.
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Scotchman Industries Announces the SU-280 Utility Band Saw
July 1, 2013
Scotchman Industries is pleased to announce the addition of the SU-280 Utility Band Saw to their lineup of metal fabrication equipment.
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Scotchman Industries Introduces Dual Operator 95/140-24M Ironworker
March 1, 2013
Scotchman Industries will feature the Dual Operator 95-Ton Hydraulic Ironworker. This dual operator machine has a hydraulic system designed with two pumps to ensure both operations have full hydraulic pressure and speed, complete with two valves, two stroke controls and two remote foot pedals.
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Scotchman Industries Introduces the Fully Automatic Roller Feed Saw
February 3, 2013
Scotchman Industries is now offering the CPO 315 Roller Feed Automatic Cold Saw.
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Cold, hard convenience: How one company's cold saw pays for itself in blade life
December 20, 2012
From building playground equipment to medical instruments to even creating sets at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, Scotchman Industries' cold saws lead versatile lives. The reason is in the final product.
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Scotchman Industries: New Hydraulic System Improves Ironworker Efficiencies
December 12, 2012
Scotchman Industries has announced recent improvements to three models of ironworkers. According to the company, the new hydraulic system that is being installed in several of the Scotchman Dual Operator ironworkers has increased the machine's cycle time by over 40%.
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Meet the president of Scotchman Industries
August 15, 2012
Jerry Kroetch is the president of a second-generation tools manufacturer for the performance automotive aftermarket, but he downplays the "president" part in a big way. He explains how everyone in his family has helped build 45-year-old Scotchman Industries from a $9 million organization to $20 million in annual sales. Kroetch's wife, brother, brother-in-law, son, daughter and other family members all contribute in one capacity or another to the company's overall success, making Jerry's role "the easiest job in the joint," he says.
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Scotchman Industries marks 45 years of manufacturing hydraulic ironworkers
May 23, 2012
Scotchman Industries celebrates 45 years of manufacturing hydraulic ironworkers, machines that have revolutionized the metal fabrication industry.
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Scotchman Industries' product demonstrations allow for hands-on training before the purchase
March 7, 2012
Sometimes you just can't understand a good thing until you see it. That is why demonstrations are so effective, because they show rather than tell. This concept is something that Scotchman Industries, a leading metal fabrication provider, offers to potential customers.
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Scotchman Industries now installing new and improved hydraulic system in dual operator ironworkers
February 24, 2012
Scotchman Industries reaffirms its position as a proven leader in the metal machinery and fabrication equipment industry by announcing their recent improvements to three models of ironworkers.
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Efficiency versus Effectiveness
February 20, 2012
When time is money every second counts. In an unstable economy where businesses are cutting hours and head-count to keep their businesses afloat, efficiency matters; or is it effectiveness?
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Scotchman Industries provides superior customer service, quality ironworkers in 2012
January 18, 2012
Over the years Scotchman Industries has gotten some very positive reviews from customers. A major recurring reason that people choose Scotchman is because of our customer loyalty and precise attention to detail, from production to replacing parts.
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Purchasing a cold saw: will the long-term production outweigh the upfront cost?
December 27, 2011
For more than twenty years, Scotchman Industries in Philip, South Dakota, has been building heavy-duty circular cold saws. With thirteen machines on their current line, the metal fabricating equipment company has a cold saw for every possible operation. Deciding if a cold saw is the right machine for you, however, depends on several factors.
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Machine shops and manufacturers are increasing productivity with a Scotchman metal shear
December 9, 2011
Before the days of computerized equipment, sheet metal workers needed to rely on measuring devices like tapes and rulers as well as their own calculations for each job. Precision was paramount and errors were costly. Now, with the advanced programming options available on computerized equipment, sheet metal workers can mass-produce parts at greater efficiency than traditional methods.
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Scotchman adds ALMI Tube and Notchers to their product line!
December 8, 2011
Scotchman Metal Fabricating Solutions has introduced the Scotchman Pipe Notcher by ALMI to its product line. "These pipe notchers are truly top of the line," said Jerry Kroetch of Scotchman Industries. "They are quick, easy, inexpensive cost savers that are accurate on all material thicknesses and all types of material."
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Goodbye to tape and pencil marks - Scotchman's Measuring Systems make spacing stops quick and easy
October 26, 2011
Woodworkers and metal fabricators can all agree: measuring and marking each spacing stop by hand on your materials can be a burden and limit productivity. Advanced Measuring Systems are designed to reduce set-up time, eliminate scrap, and increase production.
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Metal Cutting Saws - Choosing the Right Machine for the Job
September 22, 2011
A durable metal cutting saw is indispensable for those in industrial and construction fields, but knowing exactly which type of saw is needed can be a challenge. With all the different types and models available on the market today, it's important to first assess a number of factors regarding the material being cut.
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Scotchman Industries releases new, improved CPO 315 RFA fully-automatic roller feed saw
August 4, 2011
Scotchman Industries has introduced a brand new CPO 315 Roller Feed Automatic Cold Saw. The RFA is a fully automatic cold saw that provides uninterrupted cutting on tubing, solids, and extrusions while supplying high-quality cuts.
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Scotchman Industries will host live demonstrations of metal fabrication equipment at 2011 Sturgis Rally
July 25, 2011
With thousands of motorcyclists traveling through the Black Hills and South Dakota during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August, local businesses are excited for the opportunity to make new contacts and demonstrate their services. Scotchman Industries, one of the nation's leading manufacturers of metal fabrication equipment, knows the value of meeting its customers in person.
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Scotchman Industries, metal fabrication equipment manufacturer, offers special discount to educational institutions
July 6, 2011
Scotchman Industries, one of the nation's leading manufacturers of metal fabrication equipment, knows the value of welding education classes. Over the years, several of their customers have been schools who've purchased machines for welding and shop classes. But for owner Jerry Kroetch, it's not about making a sale: it's about supporting an industry.
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